Corporate Interface Team

Corporate Interface Team


The Industry-Institute Interaction Committee is a student initiative which acts as a bridge between industries and the institute. It seeks to provide the industry with quality solutions from time to time and developing projects that cater to their needs. The faculty also avails support from our members for their research.


IIBS is established links with several industries and institutes of higher learning to facilitate its students to have better industrial exposure. The Institute believes in nurturing an active interface to provide industrial training on live projects to its students. The Industry Institute Interaction Committee shall work towards designing the curriculum which prepares students for job in multinational companies, by exposing them to the newest practical methodologies by way of strategic collaborations with industries. The key goal is to achieve a symbiotic blend of academic and industry to enhance placement opportunities.


This “TEAM” takes up the following assignments:

  • Sign Memoranda of Understanding between the Institute and Industries for collaborative programmes.
  • Organizing Workshops, conferences, and symposia with joint participation of the students, faculties and the industries.
  • Inviting experts from industries to deliver lectures.
  • Participation of experts from industry in curriculum development.
  • MDPs to be conducted by the faculty members for industry employees.
  • Faculty visits the industry.
  • Project/dissertation work/internship for students in industries under the joint guidance of the faculty and experts from industry.
  • Industry Representatives on, Advisory Committee and Placement Committee.
  • Industry Recruitment Centres at IIBS.
  • Industry mentoring of students
  • Partnering in implementation of industry CSR activities
  • Developing customized learning material.
  • The committee consists faculty members and students from each section of Bangalore University MBA and AICTE PGDM Courses.
  • Committee will operate in close collaboration with placement cell.
  • The responsibilities and duties students members and faculty members will be designed.
  • The student members shall be deputed to the industry as per pre-planned schedule, to implement the above requirements and report to the committee on the progress made from time to time.
  • Committee consults with management, faculty members, and students forum periodically for future improvement.
  • Plan guest lectures from corporate in different areas- Marketing, HR, Finance.
  • Organize industry visit in collaboration with student forum.
  • Interaction with industry people to understand the corporate requirement.
  • Planning the industrial visit well in advance and suggesting the students coordinate with corporate.
  • Planning internship and project work for students in advance and have discussions with corporate people to decide structure, duration, the role of students in internship and project work.
  • Organizing periodic visit of faculty members to industry to understand the functional area of Marketing, HR, and Finance.
  • After industry visit from faculty members share the information with students and make them understand the corporate culture.
  • The student team is working like a bridge between the corporate and institution in all activities.
  • These representatives are in regular contact with industry and faculty members.
  • Whenever in-house activities are conducted at IIBS, invite the corporate people for such programmes, it helps us to develop a strong bonding between institution and industry.

The Requirements of the industries have changed considerably. The management institutions have therefore to interact with industry / corporate on continuous basis to keep abreast with their needs. The feedback from industry will enable the institute to introduce, modify and channel all academic and other processes for educating and training future leaders and entrepreneurs. This will also assist the students to get suitable placements and the component for effective on the job performance in the industries at National and International level.